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Press Releases

August 13, 2014
For Immediate Release


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Lord, may our hearts break for what breaks yours.  May we respond, Father, with the love and the attitude of the cross.  May we long more for peace than for vengeance.  May we long more for the power of sacrifice than for the “power” of this world.  May we never forget our calling in this world—to be your hands and feet, to be heaven on earth, to be the resurrection that brings hope.  May we be your light in a dark and desperate world.   

Father, we ask that you will bring peace where there is chaos, bring hope where there is despair, bring joy where there is mourning. Father, we ask that you bring your kingdom from heaven to earth so that death will be put to death, pain will be put to rest, and the tormented will have sabbath in you. 

Father we ask for peace.  We ask that you rescue those caught in the struggles of the empires of this world.  We ask that you deliver the innocent, that you free the imprisoned, and that you comfort the persecuted.  Lord, give them stronger backs to endure.  Give them a greater vision of this world through the eyes of your suffering servant.

God, may those of us not caught in the crossfire of the weapons of war not forget our duty to intercede on behalf of your sons and daughters unjustly killed. With your saints we cry out, “How long, oh Lord?”  And yet, Father, we know that you are in control, you are moving, and you are mourning right along with us. Give us the strength to love as you love, trust as you trust, and bless those who curse us, just as you did on the cross.  May the world see our response and know that you are God. 

Father, we pray for the persecutors.  We pray that you will give them dreams and visions like Saul on the road to Damascus that will lead them to conversion and not more aggression. May they repent Lord of the evil they have already done and may you prevent them, Father, from engaging in more evil yet to come. May your spirit unleash its grace and peace on them in such a manner that the only thing they can do is transform into a child of God. 

Lord we ask on behalf of a broken world and on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters for your mercy and grace to saturate a world covered in blood, war, and chaos. Oh God, we trust you as many Christians have before in the times of Nebuchadnezzar, Nero, Hitler, and atrocities done even by our own country. We trust you, Father, knowing that it is in you that nations rise and fall.

Like your Son, we will unite in his sacrifice to bring redemption to a broken world. Give us strength to live as your Son lived, and die as your Son died. We need you Lord…We love you Lord…We are lost without you Lord. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask and pray all of these things…amen.

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